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Let’s teach! Primary provides all you need for a complete program for Year 6 Health. Including full lesson plans, differentiation, digital lessons and downloadable resource sheets, this platform is designed for ease of use by every teacher, for every student.

To ensure teaching and learning needs are met, this digital tool is curriculum-aligned, with lessons written to the Australian Curriculum and mapped to both the Victorian and Western Australian Curriculums, as well as the NSW syllabus.

All lesson content is adapted from R.I.C. Publications’ range of health resources. Having been reviewed and developed by teachers, and with teacher feedback, this content is tried and trusted internationally, while incorporating new teaching and learning techniques to suit the modern classroom. See R.I.C.’s health range here.

LTP Year 6 Health online teaching plans help students learn how to make decisions to enhance their health, safety and participation in physical activity. They will explore their sense of self and the factors that contribute to and influence their identities. Through three units—Being Healthy, Safe and Active; Communicating and Interacting for Health and Wellbeing; and Contributing to Healthy and Active Communities—students will learn about emotions, how to enhance their interactions with others, and the physical and social changes they go through as they grow older.

Each unit in Year 6 Health focuses on one or more key inquiry questions, including:

  • Unit 1—How do I manage changes in my body and identity? How can I use my increasing knowledge and responsibility to keep myself and others safe in dangerous situations?
  • Unit 2—What power do I have over others through my relationships?
    What power do the media and other people have over me and the way I manage my health and wellbeing?
  • Unit 3—How do my actions influence the health, safety and wellbeing of my community?

The Year 6 Health worksheets provided are designed to help students explore these concepts in a more practical way to improve their understanding and develop their knowledge. These are able to be completed digitally, or printed and distributed, making them ideal for both classroom and remote learning.

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